Kettle Yarn Co.’s Asterisks


Although I can hardly think of anything but Unwind Brighton, which is so immanent I can practically taste the woolly-flavoured sea air, I thought I would quickly share a sample of the Asterisks Shawl in some of Kettle Yarn Co.‘s gorgeous yarn.

ELK's Asterisks in Kettle Yarn Co. 1

I may have mentioned this shawl before, but all is forgiven as I think it has turned out beautifully!

The light was changing quickly in my living room, so it is difficult to see the colors well.  The only thing to do is go to Unwind Brighton this weekend and see the shawl live at the Kettle Yarn Co. stand in the Brighton Dome Corn Exchange!

ELK's Asterisks Shawl in Kettle Yarn Co. 3

After all the shinanigans, I was left with a surprisingly large amount of the main color–37g of the 100g skein!  The yellow Islington yarn, however, had 30″ of the skein left.  It was a game of yarn chicken I hope never to repeat!

ELK's Asterisks Shawl in Kettle Yarn Co. 2I very much hope to see you all at Unwind this weekend!

Happy Knitting!




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