Tolt Yarn and Wool



With all the excitement about the Klee Collection and fibre-y goings on, I am a little behind on the blogging I meant to do about my travels in the Autumn. There was my annual pilgrimage to Tolt Yarn and Wool during my visit to Seattle. I am a lucky lady. Living in London, I have several wonderful local yarn shops easily within reach. Visiting my family in Seattle, Tolt is my local yarn store, and a wonderful LYS it is too.

I have blogged about it before, so this year, I will only mention the swag.

Yoth Yarn

I was unable to leave the store without a couple of skeins of Yarn On the House‘s Little Brother fingering weight yarn. Every time I come across these yarns in my stash, I have to resist the urge to throw all WIPs aside and cast on some intricate lace pattern. This will happen very soon in the new year. The yarn is begging for it!

I also purchased a cardi-quantity of Quince and Co. Kestrel worsted-weight linen. I was pretty excited about this one too as I have never knit with linen, although I have been meaning to for ages. The yarn is an interesting chain-ply construction and it’s a flat tape, which I have also never hand-knit with.

Quince and Co. Yarn

The Curious Handmade Wardrobe Challenge motivated me to get knitting with it, as did a trip to Mexico, where all woolly yarn was in danger of felting in my hands as I worked. I did find the yarn a bit challenging to work with as it twists as I knit it and I can’t resist the urge to stop and untwist every now and then. It is a yarn that benefits from a slightly duller needle than I usually work with because it is easy to snag the individual linen fibres with a sharp needle.

knitting with linen linen knitting

Instagram tells me these pictures were taken 6 (!) weeks ago. I just got the cardigan out and I see that I haven’t made it much further… which is disappointing as my imagination had it nearly finished! Someday this will be finished cardigan. Someday after that, this will be a published pattern…

I hope you holiday knitting is going well!


EastLondonKnit does Autumn

Coming up


I know it is only August, but there is a crisp back-to-school feel in the air here in London.  Folks in my hometown of Seattle are complaining about a heatwave, but summer is already over in my mind and I am  planning my knitting season!*

So what is the plan?  Well, I have 4 more patterns to release as part of my knitting resolutions–aka The Most Successful New Year’s Resolution of All Time.  I have 3 of those planned, if not exactly completed, including a shawl, a double knit scarf & a cardigan.   That 4th pattern, though. Hmmm.  Ideas?  Requests?  Suggestions?  Input welcome!!!

And this Autumn will see some classes in the studio starting with an introduction to machine knitting.

Somewhere in this mix I have a bit of selfish knitting.  I am dying to finish Olga Jazzy’s Effervescence Cardigan.  Works in progress that languish really drive me crazy.   And this one has some long-term languish about it now.   I visit the motherland later this year, and am debating about taking it as my travel knitting.

ELK's Effevescence cardi-1

ELK's Effevescence cardi-1

The ever-unfinished Olga Jazzy Cardi.

Also, just a quick note to say that the Sea Scales cowl is now available in Portuguese!  Thank you so much to Lilian for translating.

EastLondonKnit's Sea Scales Cowl

Also, also, please do join Kettle Yarn Co. and myself for the Naloa KAL, which officially starts 31st August!

EastLondonKnit Naloa Shawl


Happy Knitting!


*Of course this all goes to pot when the hurricane responsible for our recent weather moves on and heat returns.  I actually love sunny hot weather, but I love knitting more.