Vicarious Knitting


My first collection is nearly finished and I am just starting to get that itch to cast on something new. Of course I can’t do that. I really must finish all the things I started. So I thought I would knit vicariously until a mad scientist can equip me with another pair of knitting arms.

My first would-be project is a linen tee. I have been wanting to knit a linen tee for some years now. Somehow, I never get around to it. But every summer I am reminded of just how useful such a garment would be.

Coral knitting pattern by Helga Isager

I understand that linen can bias when knit. Coral by Helga Isager looks like it may solve that problem by creating different grain lines with increases and decreases. Or maybe that is not the issue at all, and the grain lines just look great. I think the sweetheart neck line on this is really flattering too.
Flex knitting pattern by Heidi Kirrmaier

I think Flex by Heidi Kirrmaier works in a similar way. I love the clean lines on this one. It looks like an instant staple of the wardrobe.

Sous Sous knitting pattern by Norah Gaughan

I have seen some gorgeous versions* of Sous Sous by Norah Gaughan which is a superb layering piece with all that extra ease; a perfect autumnal sweater.

Svalbard knitting patttern by Bristol Ivy

I have been meaning to knit something by Bristol Ivy for ages. I am pretty sure she is a knitting genius. Svalbard is in the queue because it is not only a Bristol classic, but is worked primarily in brioche stitch, which is the most awesome of all the knitting stitches named after foodstuffs.

windswept knitting pattern by tincanknits

Finally, on my ‘someday I am totally knitting this’ list is Windswept, a beautiful pullover by tincanknits. Truth be told, I not only have this pattern, I actually bought yarn for the sweater and swatched for it. But honestly that is as far as I have got with it. I am a big fan of tincanknits and think they have a great pared-back design philosophy. So definitely someday….

Til then, happy knitting,


*I’m looking (with envy) at you TheWoolKitchen!