I learned to knit rather late in life, maybe six or so years ago. Not from some beloved grandmother or other family relation, but I learned to knit from the wonderful world wide web.  It was a magical thing, that internet learning and Knitty was one of the first resources I found. I loved that the patterns and information were free–just the kind of entry-level drug necessary to get me and thousands of other beginners hooked and on our way to becoming intermediate knitters and craft evangelists.

When I first thought about designing, I looked to Knitty and began trying to write up those early, terrible patterns.  It took me a few goes to get an entire pattern, but I managed it in the end and I am incredibly proud to have my first pattern published in Knitty’s 50th issue: Reflector.

Reflector by EastLondonKnit

Reflector was the solution to a problem. I love to cycle, I get cold ears and I believe in ‘Safety First’! Also, I had all this amazing reflective yarn and no idea what to do with it. After much yarn play, I decided a double-faced fabric would be the most comfortable way to wear it and that knitting with 2 very different yarn thicknesses created an interesting contrast in the fabric.

It all begins with a tubular cast-on, followed by ribbing which turns into double-knit vertical stripes and is topped with a reflective pompom.

Reflector by Renee Callahan with Xmas bricks 4

Reflector by Renee Callahan tower bridge Reflector by Renee Callahan 2

Many thanks to my long-suffering models Ben and Linda!

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