Patch Pocket Mini Tutorial


In a previous post, I mentioned the baby cardigan I made for the newest addition to the family.

ELK hand knit baby cardigan (1 of 1)-2


I applied a single patch pocket to the cardigan,and thought I would just briefly describe the technique I used to attach it.

I began the pocket by casting on the number of stitches needed with waste yarn, and then knit a row or 2 with waste yarn. I then worked the pocket leaving a long tail and laid it out for placement.


ELK hand knit cardigan (1 of 1)-3

Using the long tail from the pocket, I grafted along the bottom edge of the pocket to a row of stitches in the cardigan. The waste yarn acts as a kind of indicator, so you only have to follow the stitches that are already there. Knit patch pocket tutorial (1 of 1)-4Knit patch pocket tutorial (1 of 1)-4


I kept the grafting loose, and removed the waste yarn once all the stitches were grafted.Knit patch pocket tutorial (1 of 1)-4

Then I gently tightened up the grafting so the new stitches matched old.

Knit patch pocket tutorial (1 of 1)-4

I then used the tails to sew the sides of the pockets up, weaving them in at the end.
Knit patch pocket tutorial (1 of 1)-4


Til next time, happy knitting,