Doily Project, Part Deux

Good Sunday to you!

This week it’ll be short and sweet–I have to knit a sweater and a gown for a client in the next few days and the feeling of grim determination has set in.  Too many pies, not enough fingers?

A consequence of the work may also be lack of coherence, so I had better just get on with it before no one can understand at all kind of maybe.

Carrying on from last week, I have some working pics from the Doily Project:

I knit a relatively fine-gauge black cardigan to feature this little doily:

EastLondonKnit Doily Project Deux 1

As the cardi was crying out for a collar, I held my breath and cut.  EastLondonKnit Doily Project Deux 4 sewing the collar down

EastLondonKnit Doily Project Deux 3 positioning the collar

Then I placed the collar, and with a linker (which is  a sewing machine for knitwear) attached neck-trim catching the doily in place.

EastLondonKnit Doily Project Deux 2 linking on the collar

I then hand-sew around the edges and it was done:


EastLondonKnit Doily Project Deux 5 the finished collarTa Da!

Please forgive the pics–not great quality, but I think you get the gist.

Next time, coherence! pixels! auto focus!  Promise!

Happy knitting,


The Machine Age


Although this blog is my space for going on ad nauseam about hand-knitting, a funny thing happened the other day and, you know, I gotta share. Cos it’s what I do.

As hand-knitting is my first love and the knitting machines are now so numerous as to impede access to the studio altogether, the logical thing to do was sell a  machine or 3 to free up a bit of room at the studio and, well, it never hurts to have a little extra cash either. So I dusted off the ol’ camera and took some pics: *Click to enlarge*

East London Knit's Dubieds 10EastLondonKnit's Dubieds 1East London Knit's Dubieds 2East London Knit's Dubieds 3East London Knit's Dubieds 4East London Knit's Dubieds5East London Knit's Dubieds 6East London Knit's Dubieds 7East London Knit's Dubieds 8East London Knit's Dubieds 9I suspect it’s like selling a home–you want to move, so you fix everything up and then think, ‘ohh, maybe I shouldn’t move, it’s actually really nice here.’

So I took my pictures, and am now loath to part with the beasts.  There are just too many jumpers I haven’t knit, too many techniques I haven’t tried!  I cannot quite part with my awesome toys. Yet.

But in other news, the hand knits are slowly but surely multiplying–like rabbits in slow motion, they come forth. Posts soon to come on those things.

Til then, Happy Knitting!