Angels in the Making


The nights are creeping in now! Although I have to resist the urge to hibernate, the Autumn colour and temperatures just right for knitting are always a joy.

Just to remind you: there is still time to win a copy of the Angel in the Making shawl and pullover by joining the Instagram give away >here<.

Angel in the Making instagram post

I also wanted to take a moment to thank the Angel in the Making test knitters! They did a great job and really helped to improve the patterns!

Angel in the Making Sweater by Ando

Angel in the Making shawl Angel in the Making shawl Angel in the Making shawl 2

Thank you in particular to cmoris, archey, naphro, and -ando-, whose cheeky over the shoulder smile is especially appreciated!

The Klee Collection knit along will begin 1 December on the Ravelry thread. Please do join us for camaraderie and great prizes!

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Angel in the Making Sweater


You may have noticed that the Klee Collection has a lot of Angels. Earlier this week I wrote about the Angel in the Making Shawl, which was the first of the two Angel in the Making designs I worked on. The sweater came second, and not without some birthing pains. I really wanted the ‘evolving’ (i.e. ‘in the making’) lace to be the main feature, and while the border of the shawl presented itself as the obvious place for a long and changing lace motif, the sweater didn’t make it so easy.

The design went through several variations, including an idea revolving around intarsia lace panels (vetoed because I really do want people to knit my designs) and a couple of raglan variations before I decided that a round yoked sweater was the way forward.

I began by extracting sections from the shawl border to make the lace pattern in the yoke. As it is a fingering/4 ply weight yarn, I thought there would be many more stitches to work over all and so I wanted something to break up the mass of stockinette stitch in the body. Garter stitch columns recalling the central spine of the shawl along the sides of the body created both flattering lines and another connection between the accessory and garment. The result was not the what I thought it would be in the beginning, but I think it has turned out really well!

Angel in the Making sweater

Angel in the Making is a seamless, round- yoked, light-weight sweater worked from the bottom up in a fingering/4-ply yarn. The sample is knit in the Walk Collection’s Cozy Merino, a gorgeous single which holds the lace perfectly. A contrast-coloured band highlights the delicate lace in the yoke and the body features flattering garter stitch details along the sides.

Angel in the Making Sweater pattern

The technical details:

Walk Collection Cozy Merino Fingering (100% Superwash Merino Wool; 400 yd/366 m per 100 g skein) in main colour: Nightshade; 3 (4, 4, 4, 5)(5, 6, 6, 6) skeins, contrast colour; Lipstick 1 skein.

Total grams: 280 (315, 350, 385, 420)(455, 490, 525, 560) g
Total yards: 1121 (1261, 1401, 1541, 1681)(1821, 1961, 2102, 2242) yds
Total meters: 1025 (1153, 1281, 1409, 1537)(1665, 1793, 1922, 2050) m

Main colour grams: 244 (274, 305, 335, 365)(396, 426, 457, 487)
Contrast colour grams: 36 (41, 46, 50, 55)(59, 64, 68, 73)

The Angel in the Making sweater is available as part of the Klee Collection and as an individual download.

Please join us for the Klee Collection knit-along on the EastLondonKnit Ravelry Group. The knit-along is open to anyone and you can knit any of the Klee Collection patterns in whatever yarn you would like for a chance to win some beautiful yarny prizes!

Angel in the making Shawl and sweater

Finally, I just want to mention the Angel in the Making Instagram give away is going on until Monday! If you would like to win both the shawl and sweater pattern, please have a look here.

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Angel in the Making Shawl


How ya doin’? I am feeling the beginnings of the Christmas spirit after a trip to Fortnum & Mason (you didn’t know I was so posh, did you?) at the weekend. The decorations were up and the music was playing and I won’t lie to you; I liked it! 6 weeks is a long time to maintain enthusiasm, but I will enjoy it while it lasts…

Anyways, last week I wrote about the inspiration for the Twilight Flowers designs in the Klee Collection. This week I’d like to share the inspiration for the Angel in the Making designs.

Angel in the Making by Paul Klee

Engel im Werden (Angel in the Making) 1934.

To me, Klee’s painting was quite abstract until I considered the title, which seems to resolve the shapes into a body with round head, diagonally arranged wings, and a triangle base (feet? tail feathers?) with a cross in the dark sky next to the angel, anchoring its meaning with the weight of traditional religious symbolism. I like the idea of abstract shapes resolving into recognizable figures, with the suggestion of movement in time and form as the shapes come together to form something new.

I took this concept into knit with the idea of an evolving lace stitch; one that starts as only an eyelet, and then grows and develops, becoming a more complicated with the eyelets multiplying and resolving themselves into pretty lace patterns.

The Angel in the Making shawl was the result.


Using 2 skeins of beautiful Walk Collection Cosy Merino, in colours choosen from the painting, the shawl begins with a garter tab cast on and is worked as a standard triangular shawl until most of the first skein is used up. Then the contrast colour–for this sample a beautiful red in the colourway Lipstick–is joined to the corner and knit together with the body of the shawl as it progresses. This allowed both the width of the border and the lace pattern within it to grow and change. The other side is worked in the mirror image and finally the mitred square of the end is knit.

I found that the short lace rows were more-ish, and, although not really conducive to television knitting, the changing stitch pattern lead to a just-one-more kind of feeling, and I loved knitting it.

Angel in the Making Shawl 2  by Renée Callahan

In a few hours I will pick the winner for the #twilightflowersknit giveaway, and begin the #angelinthemakingknit give away. To win a copy of the Angel in the Making Shawl and Angel in the Making pullover (about which more later….), please follow elkrenee on instagram, repost this post and tag 2 friends in the repost. Please be sure to use #angelinthemakingknit or I won’t be able to find you!

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