GLYC 2014



A couple weekends ago, the second annual Great London Yarn Crawl took place, and I was lucky enough to join in the fun again.  The GLYC is a charity event in aid of Refuge, an organisation offering help and support to victims of domestic violence.

Last year I went as a volunteer leader with the wonderful Zoe Willis.  Zoe has sadly left these green and pleasant lands for the Antipodes, but writes a great blog which everyone should read about her & others’ crafting adventures.

This year, I was surprised with a ticket for the Suffolk group, and so enjoyed the leisure of being lead around London by Linda of Kettle Yarn Co., and Tom of the tokyotombola blog.

It took me a while to get going in the morning, which had nothing to do with a late dinner and the mandatory imbibing of orange wine the night before.  Nevertheless, apologies for the lateness of myself and my (blameless) travelling partner, Linda to anyone who is owed an apology….

Our first stop was Mrs. Moon in Twickenham.  And as we were really quite late, I barely managed to see all the fab yarn, such as Spud & Chloe, a wide range of Blue Sky Alpacas, and a great own-brand called Plump-a merino/baby alpaca bulky single in some bright and beautiful colors.  And I have no yarn or pics to show for it.  Boo.

Our second stop was I Knit London, a familiar favorite conveniently located in a minute from London Waterloo station.  It was a hive of activity, with the regulars in attendance, and a book signing in progress.  I even managed a blurry pic, which does no justice to the great selection of yarns, including a gorgeous own-brand I Knit or Dye, dyed in the basement of the shop.

I knit London GLYC14



Our next stop was the Village Haberdashery, which was a bit of hit with me.  I was finally awake by the time we got there, and the shopping magic kicked in, as did the memory that I had a camera.

Village Haberdashery glyc2014


Village Haberdashery glyc2014-1-3 Village Haberdashery glyc2014-1-3




I was suddenly in love with all the colors and patterns and bought 2 patterns and fabric.  More on this later.  I hope. I am still all excited about the sewing possibilities and am hoping to have blog posts full of beautiful, *finished*, sewn objects in the near future.

VillageVillage Haberdashery glyc2014 5I wasn’t the only one enjoying it.

A trip to Nest was next, but I think we had peaked as a group, and went instead to find somewhere to sit quietly for a while before the excitement of the Pom Pom Quarterly after party.  It’s a shame, as Nest is a lovely shop, but we just couldn’t quite manage it.  The after party was excellent, with an impressive raffle, door prizes galore and a big room full of amazing knitters.  All in all, it was a fabulous day and I am already looking forward to next September, and the 3rd annual Great London Yarn Crawl!

Happy Knitting,