East London Knit's Antiprism Shawl

Antiprism Shawl.


Time is a funny thing.  It stretches and contracts and our perception of it is incredibly subjective.  As I get older, it seems to me there is somehow less of it in the world. Perhaps the longer I live, the further away my view of time needs to be in order to see the whole timeline of my life.   The further away my viewpoint moves, the smaller each minute seems relative to the whole.

All of which is to say, ‘Golly Gosh! where has the time gone??’

My pattern for April (!) was Antiprism, a short-row shawl using the excellent Ombre set of Kettle Yarn Co.’s Twist Yarn.

EastLondonKnit's Antiprism Shawl 1

In geometry, an n-sided antiprism is a polyhedron composed of two parallel copies of some particular n-sided polygon, connected by an alternating band of triangles. Antiprisms are a subclass of the prismatoids.

Antiprisms are similar to prisms except the bases are twisted relative to each other, and that the side faces are triangles, rather than quadrilaterals.

The uniform antiprism in its spherical manifestation. Obvs.

The uniform antiprism in its spherical manifestation. Obvs.

You gotta love wikipedia.  I know I do!

Antiprism begins with a provisional cast on along one side.  A simple lace ‘frame’ is then begun.  The ombre wedges are worked in garter stitch and shaped with short-rows in alternating colours. After all the wedges have been worked, the bottom edge is picked up and a lace border is knit. Finally, an i-cord edge is worked along the top.  With this shawl, the beauty of an i-cord edge is that all the loose ends at the top can simply be tucked into the i-cord, making for some easy finishing!

EastLondonKnit's Antiprism Map

You can get Antiprism here!

In other news–the Naloa KAL starts in just 10 days!  Have a look here at the fun stuff and here to get the pattern.

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Happy Knitting!


EastLondonKnit does Autumn

Coming up


I know it is only August, but there is a crisp back-to-school feel in the air here in London.  Folks in my hometown of Seattle are complaining about a heatwave, but summer is already over in my mind and I am  planning my knitting season!*

So what is the plan?  Well, I have 4 more patterns to release as part of my knitting resolutions–aka The Most Successful New Year’s Resolution of All Time.  I have 3 of those planned, if not exactly completed, including a shawl, a double knit scarf & a cardigan.   That 4th pattern, though. Hmmm.  Ideas?  Requests?  Suggestions?  Input welcome!!!

And this Autumn will see some classes in the studio starting with an introduction to machine knitting.

Somewhere in this mix I have a bit of selfish knitting.  I am dying to finish Olga Jazzy’s Effervescence Cardigan.  Works in progress that languish really drive me crazy.   And this one has some long-term languish about it now.   I visit the motherland later this year, and am debating about taking it as my travel knitting.

ELK's Effevescence cardi-1

ELK's Effevescence cardi-1

The ever-unfinished Olga Jazzy Cardi.

Also, just a quick note to say that the Sea Scales cowl is now available in Portuguese!  Thank you so much to Lilian for translating.

EastLondonKnit's Sea Scales Cowl

Also, also, please do join Kettle Yarn Co. and myself for the Naloa KAL, which officially starts 31st August!

EastLondonKnit Naloa Shawl


Happy Knitting!


*Of course this all goes to pot when the hurricane responsible for our recent weather moves on and heat returns.  I actually love sunny hot weather, but I love knitting more.


Inspiration at the Purl Side.

In the run up to the Naloa KAL, I have guest posted on Kettle Yarn Co.’s blog about my inspiration for the shawl. Have a look here!

I don’t want to jinx it, but I think we have finally gotten our stuff together and have planned some really lovely prizes for the KAL, which will run from Saturday 31 August to Saturday 4th October.  Please do join in and have a chance to win some beautiful yarn and excellent prizes!  Details are here!

Happy knitting!


EastLondonKnit How to Knit Kit

How to…Take Over The World (1 new knitter at a time).


So, it occurred to me; we won’t take over the world without bringing new recruits to the Good Work.  Therefore I have put together a little kit to welcome the newbies.

These are available on my itty bitty Etsy site.  Go forth and spread the Word.

The long-suffering Mr. B was my test subject, and though there was swearing and complaining, there was also knitting by the end!  So it has so far had 100% success!  I am hoping that people who actually want to knit will also benefit from the kits.

These kits may or may not be the result of an argument/discussion Mr. B and I had about media coverage of knitting.   After yet another ‘knitting is the new yoga’ type article claimed to have discovered that ‘not your grandma’s knitting’ existed, I was complaining about the laziness of the writer, the factually untrue nature of it all–I mean, how many years can knitting be the new trendy thing?–and that it was insulting to our grandmothers to denigrate their work so casually.  Mr. B, however, disagreed.  He pointed out that most people do not knit, and anything that brings it to the general public’s attention is a good thing for knitters and especially those of us who make our livings from knitting.  He said it’s in our interest to not only tolerate, but court the kind of publicity that I was complaining about.

Don’t tell him, but I suppose he is right.

This weekend, I opened my studio for the Hackney Wicked Festival and I really can’t tell you how surprised some people were when they walked into my studio, saw knitting machines and me, hand-knitting.  Most people never consider how things are made, or that people ‘still’ did that sort of thing.  I heard many stories about many grandmas. It turns out most people do not know knitting is the new yoga.

In other news, the big knitting events of my year are over and, while they were great, I am ready to catch up on all the knitting I haven’t been able to do.  Unwind Brighton, then Fibre East and finally Hackney Wicked were just a little bit more than I could manage gracefully in the last 3 weeks.  (Because, you know  dahling, I am nothing if not graceful….she says, choking on sarcastic laughter).  So I reckon this kit counts as my pattern for August.  And I don’t even really think that’s cheating probably.

I haven’t yet said much about my pattern for July, a shawl called Naloa, which is due to that fact that myself and the wunderbar Kettle Yarn Co. are planning some lovely KAL-shaped plans around it, but haven’t quite managed to finalize them.


Anywho, more on that soon.

Til then,

Happy Knitting!