Wisteria Blossoms


Thursday I will publish Wisteria Blossoms! I am really pleased with how this cardigan has turned out.Wisteria Blossoms by Renée Callahan sea Wisteria Blossoms Cardigan by Renée Callahan backIt began life long ago and far away… on a Mexican beach last year….

It happened that I didn’t have a project to travel with, and, in a panic, I decided to take yarn and a sketch book and hope that I could work something out as I went.

This meant that I had to make the construction and design simple to follow because there was no clever spreadsheet to do the work for me, and I had to be able to be able to put it down and pick it up without thinking too much.

The yarn turned out to be the perfect choice; I had purchased a sweater quantity of Quince and Co. Kestrel from Tolt Yarn and knitting while visiting Seattle last year.

Kestrel linen yarn

Kestrel is worsted-weight, 100% linen yarn, chain-plied into with a flat tape. The linen was excellent for the beach—no chance of accidental felting, although as I was knitting, I was twisting the yarn and felt the need to untwist it every so often which was a drag. That said, I really like the fabric it produced, which has loads of drape and, being linen, is super breathable and perfect for a warm summer evening.

Wisteria Blossoms knitting pattern by Renée Callahan

I am offering an introductory discount on Wisteria Blossoms for subscribers to the EastLondonKnit newsletter—please do sign up for both the discount code and for the Brioche Twister knitting pattern, a free gift for subscribers.

Finally, I will be hosting a knit-along beginning 1st September in the EastLondonKnit Ravelry group, and running through the end of the year. I’ll be posting tutorials and information specifically about the Zen Variations collection, but you can knit any EastLondonKnit design you would prefer, including Wisteria Blossoms!

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Dreams of linen summers


I am suffering from weekend withdrawals at the start of this fine week. The weekend was so sunny and lovely, getting back to work seems extra painful. I am soothing/attempting to motivate myself with a strong coffee at a cafe and I have to say, everyone is looking a little worse-for-wear this morning. I’m putting my faith in the caffeine and, of course, knitting!

What are you knitting these days? Are you getting ready for summer with lace-weight or perhaps linen? I’m going to indulge in a bit of linen obsessing now. After a sunny weekend, I want to cast on half a dozen new designs in linen.

This is because I haven’t managed to try much of the several gorgeous yarns that have been tempting me lately, including Lithuanian Linen available from Midwinter Yarns, a heavy lace weight yarn that comes in an amazing eye-popping pink among other beautiful shades

Lithuanian Linen from Midwinter Yarns

and Kalinka Linen, which is a heavy 4 ply weight available at Wild and Woolly. I have seen Kalinka knit up, and it is really so gorgeous, and also has some fabulous colours including a acid-bright lime green, and a black and white marled colour way called ‘stereo’.

Kalinka Linen Yarn from Wild and Woolly Kalinda Linen Yarn in acid green from wild and woolly shop






And then there is Quince and Co., who have 2 lovely linens to choose from: Sparrow, a 4 ply and Kestral.

Linen cardigan by Renée Callahan

I used Kestral for this cardigan (which will be published soon!). I loved the yarn and am keen to use it again. Worsted-weight and chain plied, I admit that it was inclined to snag on the needles. I wonder if using a needle with a more rounded tip would have helped. Even so, I really love the weightiness of the fabric and the wonderful drape. I love wool, but there is something very seductive about the drape of linen.

Happy knitting,