East London Knit's Antiprism Shawl

Antiprism Shawl.


Time is a funny thing.  It stretches and contracts and our perception of it is incredibly subjective.  As I get older, it seems to me there is somehow less of it in the world. Perhaps the longer I live, the further away my view of time needs to be in order to see the whole timeline of my life.   The further away my viewpoint moves, the smaller each minute seems relative to the whole.

All of which is to say, ‘Golly Gosh! where has the time gone??’

My pattern for April (!) was Antiprism, a short-row shawl using the excellent Ombre set of Kettle Yarn Co.’s Twist Yarn.

EastLondonKnit's Antiprism Shawl 1

In geometry, an n-sided antiprism is a polyhedron composed of two parallel copies of some particular n-sided polygon, connected by an alternating band of triangles. Antiprisms are a subclass of the prismatoids.

Antiprisms are similar to prisms except the bases are twisted relative to each other, and that the side faces are triangles, rather than quadrilaterals.

The uniform antiprism in its spherical manifestation. Obvs.

The uniform antiprism in its spherical manifestation. Obvs.

You gotta love wikipedia.  I know I do!

Antiprism begins with a provisional cast on along one side.  A simple lace ‘frame’ is then begun.  The ombre wedges are worked in garter stitch and shaped with short-rows in alternating colours. After all the wedges have been worked, the bottom edge is picked up and a lace border is knit. Finally, an i-cord edge is worked along the top.  With this shawl, the beauty of an i-cord edge is that all the loose ends at the top can simply be tucked into the i-cord, making for some easy finishing!

EastLondonKnit's Antiprism Map

You can get Antiprism here!

In other news–the Naloa KAL starts in just 10 days!  Have a look here at the fun stuff and here to get the pattern.

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