Effervescence Cardigan


I reckon it’s about time to show off a finished object.  There have been so few!

EastLondonKnit's Effervescence

I began the Effervescence Cardigan bOlga Buraya-Kefelian some time ago.  Months? Years?  I have no idea. 

The yarn is a beautiful sport weight merino by Kettle Yarn Co. If I remember correctly, it was a bribe of some sort…

It is not a difficult knit, but while finding the time to knit someone else’s design gets harder and harder, it’s so worth it!  All that lovely knitting without thinking about a pattern to be written up is so nice.

The body knit up relatively quickly. I find this is often the case–the largest part of the project is finished and then I see something shiny and I’m off.

ELK's Effevescence cardi-1

Months later, I realise it would take just a few minutes to put on the sleeves, but then I have to sort the button band…. This process can go on for years!  I don’t think it lasted quite that long this time.  However long it took, I finally have a new cardigan and am pleased with it.

I tried a new technique with the button band that I haven’t quite decided on.  It may be a great idea that I didn’t execute well, or an idea that is difficult to do well, and there are just better ways.

EastLondonKnit's Effervescence 2

This was it: I picked up and knit the band as per instruction, then pinned a stabilizing grosgrain ribbon to the inside and marked the button holes. effevescence (1 of 1)-4

Then I removed the ribbon, machine-sewed the holes and sewed it back into the knit-band. First with machine,

effevescence (1 of 1)-5

and when that went slightly awry, by hand…effevescence (1 of 1)-6

This produced the result I was after–a stablized band that doesn’t buckle when I wear it buttoned up.  However, the holes on sewn and knit band only mostly match up.  There are definitely deviations, which aren’t particularly noticeable, but do make for a fun little challenge when trying to button it up while wearing it.

EastLondonKnit's Effervescence cardigan


-Knit the band without holes, and sew the grosgrain and knit at the same time.

-Do it the way I did, but making sure the button holes all matched up more carefully.

-Divide the grosgrain in half lengthwise, and sew it either side of the knit-in buttonholes.

-Dispense with grosgrain altogether and knit a double thickness band.

-Something else altogether…… What do you do?  What are your recommendations for the non-bucking, stay-straight button band?? Dear reader-please share your advice!

Happy knitting,