Episode 3: Knitting Machine Making


The EastLondonKnit podcast is out! May I present to you Episode 3: Knitting Machine Making.


The show notes can be found in the EastLondonKnit Ravelry group, and there is another great giveaway, a winner for a previous giveaway, and Craftsy discounts galore!

Happy knitting,



3 thoughts on “Episode 3: Knitting Machine Making

  1. Watching the time lapse footage of a jumper in the making was fascinating. It looks incredibly complicated I have to say, but trust that your Craftsy class simplifies the process no end! I am a Craftsy devotee, the issue holding me back from your class is the purchase of a knitting machine. I find the whole concept fascinating since its more like sewing and less like knitting which is sooooo slooooow – especially when I do it! Thanks so much for posting this and continuing to whet my appetite for machine knitting!

    • Thank you for your comment! I am pleased you enjoyed the time lapse, I really wasn’t sure if it made interesting watching:) I would like to think my Craftsy class has simplified the sweater making process, although I am biased! Thanks again!

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