The Curious Handmade Country House Retreat


The first Curious Handmade Country House retreat happened in March, and I was green-eyed with jealously that I couldn’t make it. So I was thrilled when Helen asked me if I would teach a workshop at the second retreat. I joined a stately-home full of lovely knitters for fantastic weekend at the end of October in the gently rolling hills of Cumbria, and took my camera for a little walkabout in between endless cups of tea and the coziest hours spent knitting in front of the fire.

curious-handmade-country-house-retreat curious-handmade-country-house-retreat-2 curious-handmade-country-house-retreat-3 curious-handmade-country-house-retreat-4 curious-handmade-country-house-retreat-5 curious-handmade-country-house-retreat-6

The next CH Country House Retreat will happen in March, just before the Edinburgh Yarn Festival. Be sure to sign up for the Curious Handmade newsletter if you would like to find out more!

Happy knitting,



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