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I am woefully bad at keeping up on the fashion shows during the season. There are so many I find it difficult to decide on which to look through in the limited time I have. There are a few shows I always seek out. Pringle of Scotland is among these. The tradition of knitwear is always there in Pringle, and even if they occasionally stray from the path, they always find their way back.

This was a knit-strong season for the label.

pringle of scotland fairisle fall 2016

Photos courtesy of

pringle of scotland fall 2016 pringle of scotland monochrome fall 2016

There were an abundance of long knit skirts and oversized knits. Knitted skirts can be controversial, but I am a fan of both the knitted skirt and dress, which I think can be as comfy as loungewear and are easily dressed up.

I love the upside-down fair isle sweater-in-a-sweater at the top; it’s such a playful take on the classic and I think it looks great.

Finally, anyone going to Edinburgh Yarn Fest? If so, see you there.

Happy knitting,



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