Little Wing


Last year I designed a little shawl pattern in collaboration with Brighton’s Yarn and Knitting (YAK) shop. YAK was lucky enough to have a whole series of custom colourways from Life in the Long Grass, a wonderful indie yarn dyer in Ireland. Birds of a Feather featured five colourful variegated yarns inspired by birds; specifically Goldfinch, Blue Gouldian, Kingfisher, Parakeet or Lilac Breasted Roller.

My favourite was Blue Gouldian, and the Little Wing pattern was the result!

Little Wing Shawl pattern by Renée Callahan

I wanted to use a stitch pattern that worked with the variegation and was easily remembered, and this ‘star’ stitch was perfect!

Little Wing Shawl Pattern by Renée Callahan

The shawl can be knit as large or as small as you would like. To use all of the yarn, work the star pattern in the body until you have around 15% of your yarn remaining and then work the knit-on border. It doesn’t require any counting or calculations (high five!). I am looking forward to knitting another one, this time with a contrast colour border:)

Little Wing Shawl Pattern by Renée Callahan

Little Wing is available here

I called the shawl Little Wing because of the Birds of a Feather theme, but also, because as soon as I thought of it, the Jimi Hendrix song began to play in my mind, which is nice.

For your earworm of today:

Happy knitting,



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