Into Mind


Following on from last week’s handmade wardrobe dispatch, I came across the Into Mind blog last year and found it instantly appealing. The minimalist philosophy, the clean appearance and advice all suits the mood I am in now. So I got myself a copy of the workbook.

into mind workbook

And I made a start on working through it. I began with a big clean out.

into mind wardrobe fun_-2

Everything got taken out of drawers and cupboards and divided up. I realised fairly quickly that although I thought I was good only buying things I would use and keeping the wardrobe in control, I had clothing I had not worn more than once in 10 years. Yet, every year I cleaned out my closet and then put these items back in, again unused. Well not this time!

into mind wardrobe fun_

I was especially pleased by the ease with which the shoes organised themselves. It was only that red pair in the left hand corner of the photo that gave me grief. I bought a pair of Alexander McQueen heels in a fit of madness once. They were a size too small and I knew it, but convinced myself that it would work because they were open-heeled… I loved them and actually wore them. Twice. It was a triumph of emotion over reason. They are on ebay now…

into mind wardrobe fun_a favourite dress

This dress, however, is very much the opposite. It may not be the most practical but has seen good use over multiple decades and I love it. The collar is fraying and the zipper is broken, but I am determined to mend it. I decided that the KonMari method was applicable here, and this dress sparks joy.

into mind wardrobe fun_my favourite store-bought cardigan

This is my favourite store-bought cardigan. I have to wonder why I don’t have more, really, as a cardigan is the most useful of garments, and I am a knitter after all!

Next is working all those remaining garments into outfits rather than one-off pieces. I tried to start on this previously, but with the new year comes a little extra motivation, so I will have another go at it. Wish me luck!

Do you think in outfits? This is a challenge for me, but I have a feeling it is the way forward!

Happy knitting,



4 thoughts on “Into Mind

  1. I always think in outfits, and once it is set – that’s it…
    …until I replace an item of the outfit, say the long sleeved top or shirt I wear under a pinafore or shift dress. Then that becomes the new set.

    The bit I am not very good at doing is passing on/disposing of the previous item. I am trying to do this at the moment and have just put a number of Paul Smith swirl leather items on ebay. Although I will never wear them again, I feel almost anxious and keep thinking about withdrawing them!!

    • I think that is great! Thanks so much for sharing!! I would like to organise myself to have set outfits. I am all in favour of a uniform! I just haven’t quite worked out the pieces yet…
      I think I am pretty good at getting rid of things, charity shops and friends benefiting from all the wearable things. Although I had a tiny wobble when I took away the 4 big bags of clothing I culled from my wardrobe this time. But now I have the good work of replacing the items that didn’t fit like they should and were never being worn with things I make. This is the theory anyway!

      Stay strong! You put your clothing up for sale for a good reason. Maybe time to let someone else love them for a while:)

    • It’s great to hear that you are still going strong months later! I have been trying to find another day to carry on with the good work, but that has eluded me so far:/ I live in hope for the coming weeks!

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