Twilight Flowers Sweater


It is time to take a breath. Autumnal light and colour are pouring in through the window and I feel like I am on the road to getting caught up after a couple of months of travel and excitement. I’m overjoyed (read: relieved) that the reception for my first collection of hand knits has been positive and I have the feeling that I will finally catch up with myself and my to-do list now. What can I say, I am an eternal optimist:)

This week I begin a series of posts about the individual designs from the Klee Collection to explain a little about the inspiration behind each one and what makes it special to me. First up: the Twilight Flowers sweater.

Twilight Flowers by Paul Klee

Klee painted Daemmer-Blueten–translated as Twilight Flowers (and occasionally Dusk Flowers)–just a few months before his death in 1940. I love the flat, patterned aspect of the simple geometric shapes and the pops of colour among the muted palette.

Twilight Flowers pullover by Renée Callahan

Twilight Flowers sweater is the first design I worked on for this collection and, maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but it is also the first saddle shoulder sweater I have ever knit. I was able to use some beautiful Uncommon Thread Everyday Sport yarn for the sweater, which makes for a springy, bouncing fabric. It isn’t the usual choice for lace stitches because the roundness of the merino closes in on lace eyelets, but the repetitive, simple shapes of the painting were leading me to simple, repetitive lace patterns, and I had to follow.  The TUT yarn is in the Hemlock colourway, a rich, almost black, green, like the darkest shapes in the painting. And for both the nature of the raw materials and the painting-inspiration, the lace stitch I used needed to be simple and easily ‘readable’.

After playing around with variations of eyelets and short-repeat lace patterns, I decided on an the arrow-shaped (even tulip-shaped…mustache twirl…) lace for the sleeve and the panel just fit into a saddle-sleeve construction beautifully, which was a good motivation to learn about a new construction technique.

Twilight Flowers shoulder detail

I needed some detail at the neck but the more complicated it got, the less I liked it. In the end, I wanted a pretty but not fussy solution, and a simple necklace of eyelets did the trick, with the tiny circles drawing attention toward the face.

twilight flowers by Renee Callahan

Twilight Flowers pullover by Renée Callahan

The result is a cosy, top-down seamless sweater that is easy to wear. You can buy the Twilight Flowers knitting pattern here, and the entire Klee Collection here. And since this is all new and shiny, I am celebrating by giving away copies of both the Twilight Flowers pullover and mitts. If you would like to win, please do the following:

  1. Follow elkrenee on Instagram,
  2.  Repost this image of the sweater, using the hashtag #twilightflowersknit, and tagging 2 friends.

I will randomly choose a winner from the hashtag group next Monday:)

Happy knitting,



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