Winchester Cathedral


Although it isn’t very warm here, it is summer time in the city and everyone I know is away. My world travels start in a few days, but I thought I would just share a few pictures from a trip we took earlier this year to Winchester. I love Gothic architecture–the incredible, and often very weird detail in the Winchester Cathedral is wonderful. There is an incredible about of craftsmanship and handmade love on display here.

Winchester Cathedral exteriorThe nave is a gorgeous Perpendicular-style construction with stone pillars that seem to defy gravity in a bid to get as close as possible to Heaven.

Winchester Cathedral Gothic NaveThere are so many things to appreciate in the space. The West Window is a spectacular monument to the British make do and mend spirit.

Winchester Cathedral West WindowDuring the Civil War, Cromwell’s men smashed the medieval stained glass, which was saved and randomly reassembled a few years later, with no attempt to recreate the images, which I think was a beautiful and brave solution to the problem.

Winchester West Window detailThe ornately carved choir and its screen deserve a dedicated coffee-table book.

Winchester Cathedral Choir

Winchester Cathedral Choir screen

Winchester Cathedral Choir Screen

There is a tradition of including irreverent figures within the decoration of medieval cathedrals and I especially enjoyed this misericord. A keen guide explained to me that the figure on the right was spinning with a spindle, and therefore was identified as a witch…..  you just can’t argue with logic like that.


Finally just a couple of pics of the wonderful 13th century tiles. I found this whole place so full of pattern and design inspiration. Winchester 13th century floor tiles Winchester 13th century floor tilesI hope you enjoyed seeing the some of the images that inspired me, and I hope you are enjoying the summer time or winter time wherever you are.

In an unusual turn of events, I will traveling the world until mid-October and while I have ambitious plans to post brilliant posts throughout my travels, it may well be that I am a bit quiet on the blog front until my jet lag has faded and my first collection of hand knit patterns is ready to publish (!).

Til then, happy knitting!



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