It should be no surprise to me by now, but working at a fibre festival over the weekend inevitably means I am a bit useless for the beginning of the following week. This weekend past I joined Kettle Yarn Co. at Fibre East in Bedford, and though the rain poured and the wind blew, we appreciated the knitting weather and spent a lovely weekend meeting knitters.

It was our first official outing with the Boardwalk collection- and it was really satisfying to see how much people like it. As I blogged about the collection previously, I thought I would just mention a bit about the unusual construction of the design I contributed; the Pavilion.

Pavilion by EastLondonKnit hand knit pattern

The Pavilion is constructed from the centre bottom out, beginning with a garter tab cast on and worked like a triangular shawl until the full height is reached, and then worked out to either side. As I worked on the pattern, I began to think of the elements of the wrap in terms of building, and so I wrote the pattern with a step-by-step building construction theme.

Pavilion knitting pattern schematic

The second half of the Pavilion schematic…

I have to say thank you so much to my wonderful tech editor R. Deborah Overath, aka scienceknitster, and the great test knitters who helped me so much with their comments!

stillawake's pavilion knit

stillawake’s Pavilion in Verdigris

mskgb's pavilion knit

mskgb’s Pavilion in Peony

ryn2103's Pavilion knit

ryn2103’s Pavilion in Purple Reign

mitknit's Pavilion

mitknit’s Pavilion in Neckinger

The knit along starts 1st of August over on the Kettle Yarn Co. Ravelry group–please do come join us!

Happy knitting,



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