Woolfest 2015


A couple of weeks ago I joined Kettle Yarn Co.‘s Linda on the epic drive to The North for Woolfest 2015. Neither of us had been before, and we were excited to be going to a new show in such a beautiful part of the country.

Linda showcased her beautiful new Islington DK base with a collection of new patterns by designers including me! My contribution was the golden wrap called the Pavilion about which a blog post is immanent….

Knitting Patterns: Boardwalk Collection

As ever, Linda allowed me to take over a little corner of the stand to sell patterns and show off samples. She had some new beautiful shades of Westminster which I may have had to steal for a new design…

Woolfest 2015 Kettle Yarn Co. Stand

Shawls visible from the left: Naloa, Astrisks, and Antiprism, with a basket of gorgeous Westminster in the middle….

Woolfest, for those of you who haven’t been, is held in a cow shed, and staying true to the venue, the animals were the stars of the show.
Woolfest 2015--baby alpacas

The baby alpacas nearly killed me with cute.

Woolfest 2015--cashmere goat

I don’t think I have ever seen a cashmere goat in the flesh before. There were signs not to pet them, and I respected the request and absolutely didn’t stick my hands right into all that silky woolly goodness.

Woolfest 2015--Gotland sheep

Now, I live in the middle of a capital city and have no contact with livestock. I’m not sure whether this makes me more or less susceptible to the attribution of human characteristic to animals, but maybe it doesn’t matter. The Gotland goats seemed to me to be very inquisitive,Woolfest 2015--teeswater sheep

whereas the Teeswater sheep were entirely regal, proud sheep, who seemed to demand a certain about of admiration and got it.
Woolfest 2015--Teeswater Sheep

I thought this was kind of a sweet family portrait of Herdwick sheep, even if I think the lamb looks a little like the traditional depiction of the Devil….Woolfest 2015--Herdwick Sheep

After the show we had a few days to roam around Cumbria and there are some stunning views from the farm we stayed at.  Woolfest 2015-Cumbria Alpacas

Including a flowery field of llamas and a pasture of tiny ponies.  Woolfest 2015-Cumbria


Yes, TINY PONIES I say. That’s why you have to look closely to see them.

It was, all in all, a splendid weekend, even if the travelling took some of the immediate gratification away from the experience. My next adventure with the lovely Linda is Fibre East in Bedford. I hope to see you there!

Til then, happy knitting,



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