Brighton Social


This weekend was packed with craftastic events. Saturday was the Brighton Knit and Make Social organised by the lovely ladies of Yarn in the City.

Brighton Knit and Make Social

It’s a great idea: a mini-tour of craft shops in Brighton giving crafters a chance to get to know each other and find new sources for materials. Our first stop was The Brighton Sewing Centre, just minutes from the station.

Brighton Sewing Centre
Photo copyright of Brighton Sewing Centre

The BSC is a small shop with a great selection of haberdashery, fabrics (particularly of the quilting variety) and sewing machines. I was sorely tempted by some marled grey jersey, but strangely I always find it difficult to buy something in the first shop at these events. A quirk of the mind I suppose. I managed to get over that particular quirk by the time we reached the second stop. Ditto Fabrics specialises in dress making fabrics and tongue-in-cheek signage.

Brighton Social Shop Ditto Fabrics

The shop seems to have a lot going on, including a ‘Dressmakers Social’ which sounds not unlike a knit night.

Ditto Fabrics Brighton Social They have a less predictable range of fabrics, with some real treasures hiding in plain sight. I made off with some unusual cotton printed fabric that with a fantastic selvedge before our final stop.

Brighton Social Craft Shopping

Yarn and Knitting is one of my favourite local yarn stores and the subject of previous blogging. YAK’s owner, Kate, has curated a wonderful collection of indie dyers and, in spite of the fact that I needed nothing, I bought a stunning skein of Life in the Long Grass Dappled sock yarn. The colour way Tin Shed, is a blue-grey with large rust-coloured speckles. I can’t wait to see it knit up. The Ravelry projects look super-fab!

And finally, I won! There were great door prizes and I actually won one. Unbelievable. And awesome.

Knitting Pattern and Yarn Brighton Social Door Prize

I won a gorgeous skein of The Uncommon Thread’s BFL fingering and beautiful shawl pattern by Dani Sunshine.

What a day! I was exhausted by the time I got home but it was worth it. New toys and a whole day with my crafty folk-too much good stuff.

Happy knitting,



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