A Cardigan for Grandma


I rarely knit things for other people and I’m all about the selfish knitting, not only but also because I barely have enough time to knit the things I’ve designed or been commissioned to do. But last year I made an important exception.

Grandma's hand knit cardigan

I visit Seattle every year and a recent addition to our family took me back to my hometown bearing gifts of the knitted variety.  The first was for my new nephew, a cardigan in the baby size. The second was a matching cardigan for my grandmother, which I had long promised her, but was only now delivering.  My grandmother is of the generation of women who were expected to do needle work and she really enjoyed it, but by the time I was born, her rheumatoid arthritis had bent her hands into painful shapes, and she was not able to hold knitting needles or do the embroidery she had enjoyed. When I began knitting I promised her a cardigan, knit to just her size, but I never quite managed to make it.

When I heard news of my sister’s pregnancy, however, I wanted to knit something for both the oldest and the youngest in my family; something with a family resemblance.
ELK hand knit cardigans for baby and Grandma

I think I inherited my love of Autumn from Grandma, and she dyed her hair a bright red for many years. So when I decided to design something for her, I wanted it to represent her–a brightly colored, celebration of our favorite season.

I made a bottom up, raglan sleeve cardigan with broken-rib trims and an intarsia patch pocket. The main colour of Grandma’s cardigan is Knit Picks Stroll Sport in Firecracker Heather, and the contrast colour is Kettle Yarn Co.’s discontinued Sport weight superwash merino in Melonballs.

ELK hand knit baby cardigan (1 of 1)In the next few blog posts I’ll use these cardigans for mini-tutorials on patch pockets, sweater surgery and misdemeanor button theft.

Happy knitting,



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