Something for the weekend


Have I mentioned how much I like twin sets?

marc jacobs fall 2015

Marc Jacobs Fall 2015 photo courtesy of

While I can’t actually say I own any, I aspire to great things in the twin set department. It isn’t just the retro feel, although that inevitably plays a significant part of the attraction.

Chanel Fall 2015

Chanel Fall 2015 photo courtesy of

I think what appeals to me is the idea of an outfit that is so well considered, it matches itself. It is like some sort of standard by which all other outfits will be judged.  You may think that there would be a plethora of twin sets available for your hand knitting pleasure, and you would be correct, if you wanted to knit from a vintage pattern.

Cosy twin set from Australia Women's Weekly

There are some beauties available, including this one originally published in 1942 and now available for free. I was surprised to find a dearth of anything more contemporary.* Maybe this shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I kind of thought it would be a good idea for designers to publish multiple versions of a single design. Maybe I should do it. Or, possibly, there is a good reason they are not available. Either way, when I saw the Josephine Cardigan by Rohn Strong, I thought it would make a beautiful twin set, although, it really doesn’t need anything, and I think would look equally great cropped and worn buttoned up without anything underneath.

Josephine Cardigan by Rohn Strong

Happy knitting,


*I didn’t consider patterns churned out by the big yarn companies; I have my prejudices.


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