Not quite #mmmay15


**First of all: Next week the ‘knit your first cardigan class begins at Wild and Woolly starts in East London.  Please pass it on to beginner and improver knitters who may like to take the class!**

There comes a time for most crafters, I think, in which it becomes common knowledge amongst peers, family & friends that you make stuff. This knowledge may have ramifications, such as people asking you to make things for them, or, in my case, being regularly asked if I have made the clothing I am wearing. I would certainly like to have made more of my own wardrobe, and not just to thwart the disappointment people unintentionally express when I admit that I have not made what I am wearing, but that too.

So, although I would very much love to properly participate in me-made-may 2015, I am not there yet.  I am working on it. I have finished a few sewn projects and will share them with you over the next couple of weeks.

First up: This is a dress I made recently from material I found somewhere.  It is a bad habit of mine to pick things up in the hope that they will be useful someday in the future. Mostly they aren’t. This fabric is an exception to that rule.

mmmay dress (1 of 1)-2 mmmay dress (1 of 1)

The pattern is one I made.  I have some blocks in my size, and I simplified it as much as possible–no closures (it is just big enough to go on over my head), pleats for waist-shaping, and binding at the edges.

mmmay dress WIP sewing


bias binding sewing

I suspect sewing facings on is an easier option, but there is something elegant in the simplicity of binding. Minimalist craft. Could that be a thing?

Happy making,



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