Something for the Weekend


Spring is sprung and it’s time to get your summer knitting on the needles.

I am a fan of Jean Paul Gaultier. Though famous for pointy bosomed bodices and men in skirts, every collection has something of interest for me. This lacy tee suggests the idea of using different lace stitches in light spring colours.

gaultier couture spring 15 knit tee

gaultier couture spring 15 knit tee full length

Gaultier Couture Collection SS 15 Photo courtesy of

The overall ball gown is, of course, optional, though surely the headgear is a must….

Gemma hand knit pattern by Andrea Black


The Gemma Pattern by Andrea Black only uses one lace pattern, but creates a similar lovely delicate Spring-time feeling with a light colour palette, mesh on the upper yoke and simple details.

Cancun boxy lace top hand knit pattern by Erin Kate Archer


For a less structured look, Erin Kate Archer’s Cancun Lace Top Pattern plays with multiple lace stitch patterns in a simple shape.  It looks like a very cool knitting sampler and really wearable.

It is a bank holiday weekend and I hope you enjoy some quality knitting time!



4 thoughts on “Something for the Weekend

  1. It’s really interesting looking at such a photo with your perspective. I don’t think I currently have the skill to look at catwalk photos and pick out elements that I feel would translate well to everyday wear…I’m going to try fix that. Have a great weekend! ❤

  2. A great post with some nice ideas and food for thought. Personally I think the headgear from the Gaultier outfit is a must. It would be perfect for summers in Scotland!

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