#elkmayday Give away


Apple blossoms in the ELK garden

It is a summery Spring around here and the pollen has gone to my head.


I’m giddy with Spring sunshine & all the knitting plans. It’s time to share the love! I have 3 skeins of glorious dk undyed silk from Knit Witches, 4 skeins of organic lace-weight cotton dyed at the Natural Dye Studio, a project bag idiosyncratically sewn by me & a surprise gift to give away. If you’d like the goodies, please follow me on Twitter: @eastlondonknit or Instagram: @elkrenee and then re-gram or retweet my original post (here) with the #elkmayday in the text & I’ll randomly draw a winner from the reposts and retweets on 1st May 2015, noon gmt.

All of these things have a special place in my heart–the organic cotton yarn was specially dyed for one of the first fashion designers I worked with. The true colours are palest yellow and a softly toned blue.

Yarn May Give Away EastLondonKnit-2

The double-knit weight silk from the Knit Witches was a purchase from my very first yarn festival, back when I thought I was brave enough to stick masses of beautiful yarn into a dye pot willy nilly. But the yarn was just too beautiful undyed, and I never managed to make the stunning wedding shawl that was Plan B.

I just found out the Knit Witches are closing up shop and their last event will be the I Knit Fandango, 15-16 May 2015.  I will be there too, helping out at the Kettle Yarn Co. stand when I am not raiding the Knit Witches stand.

Yarn May Give Away EastLondonKnit-3

And finally, the project bag, made with my own hands, is made of a hemp-silk fabric that also came from a fashion designer I worked with.  It was the stuff of beautiful corset-style bodices and dresses, but can now serve the higher purpose of holding your hand-knit masterpiece-in-the-making.

Yarn May Give Away EastLondonKnit

 Please do join in and retweet/repost to win!

Finally, just a note that the Rill Rill jumper pattern is 50% off until 28 April.

Rill Rill knitting pattern by EastLondonKnit

Happy knitting,



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