Something for the weekend


I love a bit of lace, do I.

Bottega Veneta AW 15

Bottega Veneta AW 15 photo courtesy of

You can always count on Bottega Veneta to put delicate, elegant designs on the catwalk.  I love how they have ‘dirtied’ up that vision of femininity with what appears to be rubbing/rolling dye on to the surface of the lace. The gold boots with the monochromatic garments add a certain something too.

Bottega Veneta detail AW15

Bottega Veneta detail AW15 photo courtesy of

origami by tweedysheep

Origami Leaves by Svetlana Volkova makes beautiful use of the directional lines of the lace pattern to guide the raglan shaping.

Autumns End by Alana Dakos

Autumn’s end by Alana Dakos also makes use of a lovely all-over lace pattern for a great transitional garment.

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