Edinburgh Yarn Festival


>>NB: This Wednesday I am really excited to be teaching a class about 2-colour cabling at the Wild and Woolly shop–there are only a couple of places left so please join us if you are London-ish!<<

This weekend I had the joy of visiting the Edinburgh Yarn Festival as a punter, and it was awesome.

We arrived in Edinburgh on a damp and dreary afternoon, which no doubt emphasized the tall, intimidating stone architecture of the city centre.  It is beautiful, in a dark and dramatic kind of way.

Edin Yarn Fest-2015-1

The main site of the festival was the Corn Exchange, located a short distance from town.

Edin Yarn Fest-2015-2

I intended to take so many pictures of all the great vendors and beautifully arranged stands, but you know how it is, the overwhelming amount of great people and wool fumes make it hard to keep on track.

Nevertheless, I did get a couple of pictures of lovely vendors.

Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2015

The Pom Pom Quarterly girls were looking fabulous in samples of the magazine patterns.

Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2015

Julie of Tilly Flop was selling her beautifully printed cards and pictures and especially popular tea towels…

Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2015

And there was particularly star-studded stand filled with knitting patterns from Ysolda Teague and Stephen West.  They additionally hosted book signings from  Clara Parkes, which caused a kind of super-fan wave of excitement from the punters I have rarely seen before.

There was an evening do on Saturday night featuring entertainment from Felicity Ford, with Ysolda doing time as quiz master to an unreasonably difficult quiz.

Ca-Baa-ret at Edin Yarn Fest 2015

It was nearly a full house, but that Stephen West practically glows in the dark–it was hard not to photograph him.

Ca-Baa-ret at Edin Yarn Fest 2015

My quiz team started to take the quiz seriously, but sadly that didn’t seem to help with our score…

Ca-Baa-ret at Edin Yarn Fest 2015

An element of the quiz was to ‘build a sheep’. Team member Veera was bizarrely proud of her sheep. Unfortunately the competition was too much for us:

Ca-Baa-ret at Edin Yarn Fest 2015

Ca-Baa-ret at Edin Yarn Fest 2015

Clara Parkes was on hand to judge the sheep and award an impressive array of prizes.

In conclusion, I met people, I learned things, I fondled yarn. Mica and Jo, the organisers, did a really wonderful job and I am so pleased that it was such a success for them.

Next time I’ll brag about the classes I took and the one I taught.

Til then,

Happy knitting,



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