Something for the weekend


The thing about styling is it both enhances and detracts attention from the clothing.

This weeks fashion example is a bold jumper with styling to match:

Carven A/W 2015 collection.

Carven A/W 2015 collection. Photo courtesy of

Whereas this week’s hand knit is an easy to wear, softly styled short-sleeve sweater: Opine by yellowcosmo.  There are certainly differences; the Carven sweater is a textured stitch and the patterning on Opine is achieved with stranded colour work, but I think there is a similar joy in each sweater in bold patterning and contrasting dark and light. The sweaters could be reversed and still work well: the Carven sweater worn with tall boots and jeans and Opine could be worn with bold & bright clashing colours.

Opine by yellowcosmo I am a big fan of Opine’s designer yellowcosmo.  I think she brings a lovely, quiet aesthetic to her knitwear and really hope she will not be horrified to see me comparing it to the loud Carven style!

Happy knitting,



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