Unravel 2015


I am nearly recovered from a really great weekend at the Unravel Festival of Knitting.I have been looking forward to it for what feels like such a long time. With suitcases full of workshop materials, knitting and camera, I waddled my way to Farnham Maltings for the first time.  Now I can hardly believe I have missed it all these years. It was a great show! So much gorgeous yarn! While it was quite busy, it wasn’t painfully manic and I got to meet so many great people who came by the lovely Kettle Yarn Co. stand where I was helping out.

Kettle yarn co. stand at Unravel

Kettle Yarn Co. stand

EastLondonKnit at Unravel

Not an extrovert by nature, it isn’t always so comfortable for me to chat to people, but everyone was very friendly, and a big thanks to Lynsey, Emily and the whole Unravel team, who even came around with candy to help keep the energy levels up.

I was especially looking forward to/terrified of the workshop I was running; Revamp that Jumper and Learn to Love Again….  I had a really lovely group of people who came with unloved knitwear and great attitudes.  I meant to take some action shots, but it turns out I was quite busy for the whole two hours, so here are some pics of the haberdashery ‘before’,

Unravel Knitting festival before the workshop

I have always loved the LOVER….

Unravel Knitting festival before the workshop

It was nearly closing time on Sunday when I realized I hadn’t visited the rest of the show and seen all the other great vendors. I grabbed the camera and ran off to chat to the vendors, grope the yarn and check out the woolly art installations. Frankly, I also went for cake, but, in the single negative experience of the weekend, the cake was sold out. Heartbreaking though that was, there were so many great things this weekend, I didn’t shed a single tear.

Unravel Knitting festival growth installation

‘Growth’ crochet installation at Unravel

Unravel Knitting festival Blue Jumper installation

Blue Jumper installation

Unravel Knitting festival I knit because

‘I knit because…’ installation

Unravel Knitting festival main hall

The Main Hall, just before closing. Don’t worry, I won’t give up my day job.

I am already looking forward to next year.

Happy knitting,



2 thoughts on “Unravel 2015

  1. Hi, I saw you at Unravel, and meant to say hello, but am also a bit of an introvert and before I could pluck up courage was whisked away by my daughter! So, hello and if we’re both there next year I will say hi! You looked lovely in your cardi by the way 🙂

    • Hi Terri,

      Thanks so much for your message–please do come say hello when next you have the chance. It is really nice of you to say the cardi looked nice. I look forward to meeting you in the future. It is tricky for us introverts, but all the more important to do I think. Happy knitting!

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