November’s pattern is a double-knit scarf I called Rhombolution!  The exclamation mark isn’t really part of the scarf’s name, but seemed appropriate.

Rhombolution  by EastLondonKnit (2)

I am loving the double-knitting at the moment.  It is such a nice way to do colour work without having to worry about the tension issues of stranded knitting.  And it just kinda feels clever.  Working 2 versions of the same pattern at once seems a little bit magic.

Rhombolution by EastLondonKnit 4


My biggest super-duper thanks to my beautiful model Linda, the wonderful indie yarn dyer of Kettle Yarn Co. yarns. I used her gorgeous Waltham yarn for the scarf, which was a pleasure to work with. For our photo shoot I went down to visit Linda at her new seaside location, and we amused the locals by artfully posing the lovely lady and scarf around all manner of picturesque scenery.


Rhombolution by EastLondonKnit(1)

We got this one just before the owner of the property tried to hit us with her car.

I designed Rhombolution with a 2 -colour tubular cast on and bind off, and a slipped stitch edging, but of course these elements could be left out if the knitter wanted to make the knitting as simple as possible.  I figure it’s better to put in more and let people take out what they don’t want.  Of course, I could be wrong about that–perhaps it’s better to include the most simple set of instructions.  Then the more experienced knitters could change things to suit themselves and the less-experienced knitters wouldn’t be intimidated.  Dear Reader: what do you think?  Do you have strong opinions on this subject?  I would love to hear them if so!

Rhombolution is available here for download on Ravelry, and comes with ‘How to Double Knit’ phototutorial.

Happy knitting!



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