Rill Rill


I recently had a pattern published in a real world, paper and ink knitting magazine, which is frankly pretty exciting.  We are all so digitized now, but you know, there is just something about the ability to flip through it and put it on the bookshelf that makes a difference. It is my first such publication, and I am pleased to introduce the Rill Rill Jumper!

Rill Rill Jumper by EastLondonKnit

Image copyright: Dan Walmsley for Practical Publishing. Used with permission.


Rill Rill is a seamless raglan pullover, gently over-sized, knit from the the bottom up, with lace column detail on the front yoke. The yarn I used is West Yorkshire Spinners Aire Valley Aran, which is not only a shocking bargain, but really gorgeous once washed. I called it Rill Rill for the rivulets of rain streaming down my windows while I was working on the pattern, and, I can’t lie, because I really love the Sleigh Bells song.

So many thanks to the wonderful Kate and the team at Knit Now Magazine!  Issue #41 November 2014 is available now from quality knitting magazine suppliers:)

Happy knitting,



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