A sweater for him.


I reckon the long-suffering love of my life is knit-worthy. So I wanted to make him a sweater–something he can wear to work, but likes enough to wear in his own time.  This began as the promise many months ago.  It was going to be a Valentines day gift, an anniversary gift, a birthday gift.  Somehow, there was never the time to do it, even though it was to be a machine knit, and therefore doable in a few days.  Finally, after months of dithering and knitting a piece here and there, I managed it.

EastLondonKnit's hubby sweater before

And the conclusion was that it was too short.

I found this conclusion somewhat aggravating.

I didn’t have the time to re-knit everything, so decided I needed to find some way of lengthening the body that wasn’t too invasive, as it were.  The best option was to make the hem longer.

So I knit some new, longer ribbing.ELK rib

And linked it on to the sweater, one row above the current too-short ribbing. (A mini-video of the linker in action is on the instagram feed, also, if you like machines, there’s one at work here.)

EastLondonKnit ribAnd in the end, we got there…

EastLondonKnit's hubby sweater after


And he likes it, which is lucky, because that is his knitting allocation for this year! If I start now, I may just manage next year’s anniversary/Christmas/birthday jumper….

Happy knitting,




2 thoughts on “A sweater for him.

  1. The sweater is great! I love the stripes on the shoulders – a very stylish touch. And it does look better with the longer rib…

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