Project Bags of Joy


Once upon a time in a life not so far from this one, I worked for a designer who was concerned about sustainable and fair fashion. After a couple of years, she closed down her label and had to get rid of a large amount of things–equipment, fabric, supplies; there is a surprising amount of stuff that goes into running a label.

Now, it turns out that I am one of those potential hoarders.  It is not yet a Channel 4 documentary type of problem, but  I am loath to throw any perfectly good things away, and she probably knew this when she asked if I wanted anything before she disposed of it. Although I was very restrained, I ended up taking big bags of fabric, among other things, in spite of the fact that I don’t sew much, or particularly well.

There were organic cottons, jerseys, wool suiting, and one of my favorites, silk hemp.  I have always loved the silk hemp, and couldn’t let it unceremoniously go to the dump.

As I have recently been downsizing my studio, I have again come across these big bags of fabric, just laying there, mocking me. So I got them out and decided to have a look.

ELK project bags before


I was trying to think of what to do with all this fabric, when I suddenly thought- project bags!  Yes, my sewing skills can stretch to project bags! They can be simple, and useful and the sewing doesn’t have to be perfect….

And so I made one.  And it worked!

ELK project bag 1

ELK project bags 2

I was so pleased I decided I would use all the fabric and make loads of bags and give them to everyone I know.  Not that most people I know need or would use such a bag, but you know that excitement?  It is very like matching the perfect yarn to the perfect pattern.  Just a little everyday magic.

This would of course been a great idea if time and patience were infinite…So after getting out masses of fabric and ironing  and cutting and generally faffing around, I realized the scope of the project was going to take more time than the afternoon I had allotted to it.  I finished the bags I had started and carefully stuffed scrapes of fabric back into plastic bags and shoved plastic bags back into the nooks from whence they came.

ELK project bags 3

ELK project bags

Fear not! This is no tale of woe! I quite liked the sewing and it gave me a bit of confidence to get started on some other sewing projects.  And I have a couple of nifty project bags made of my favorite hemp silk, and I will make more someday soon….

When I am more organised, I will make some more and do my first giveaway for the blog.

Happy knitting and sewing!



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