Tolt Yarn and Wool


After I emigrated, my parents moved out to the suburban countryside to live the good life.  It isn’t quite the middle of nowhere, especially in American terms, but is a small-town place with an abundance of dirt roads and livestock.  Downtown Seattle is around 50 minutes away if the traffic is good.  Before we arrived, I decided to do a little research and see if the Ravelry folk had any recommendations for yarn-based fun. Imagine my surprise when I received multiple hardy recommendations for Tolt Yarn and Wool, a new shop in Carnation, just a stone’s throw from my parent’s home.

ELK visits Tolt Yarn and Wool

It is fabulous.

I mean really great.  I went along for knit-night and it was busy and friendly.  Carnation is no metropolis, but Tolt has created a beautiful space that people are happy to travel to spend time in.

Elk visits Tolt Yarn1

Seattle 2014-1-8

There were many of the familiar brands, no lack of European yarn, but most exciting were the many lovely local dyers and spinners I hadn’t heard of, and would like to get to know.  I bought some lovely Bumblebirch fingering-weight yarn that will becoming a shawl to reckon with soon.  Or maybe a light little cardigan.  Or maybe something else.  Bumblebirch is a Portland, OR based indie yarn dyer with a lovely range of colours and all the traditionally lux bases.

Bumblebirch yarn


Tolt also sells some lovely own-brand notions which I couldn’t resist.  I mostly use bits of waste yarn for stitch markers, but for some reason had to have the tin of Tolt stitch markers.
Seattle 2014-1-15


So, next time you find yourself in the greater Seattle area, Tolt Yarn and Wool is my hearty recommendation.

Happy knitting,



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