Hello! I have been negligent. What kind of a blogger just disappears and then reappears, but has f*** all to say?  This kind right here baby! Although I have been incredibly busy, I don’t seem to have anything to show for my work just now.* So I will leave you with a random photo and a list of lust; those things that I would like to make right now, if only time and space would bend to my will….

EastLondonKnit presents L'agneau vs. the Pansies

L’agneau vs. the Pansies

I read Making it Well‘s wonderful blog about her sewing and knitting adventures, which is where I learned about Colletterie series ‘The Wardrobe Architect‘.  I love this idea. Like most people (I am guessing here), I am contrariwise in many respects: I love design and work in fashion, but would very much like a wardrobe entirely consisting of uniforms.  Not the kinky kind, not like ‘uniform dating’ type of uniform, but a standard set of clothes I didn’t have to think about but just put on every day.  In some ways, this is what happens. I wear jeans and tee shirts regularly. But I aspire to have a uniform that is more interesting, more, well, stylish. This sartorial angst may have been set off by the seasonal clothing changeover.  I finally put away my winter clothes and got out the summer kit.  All of it.  All of those dresses I haven’t worn in years… So I am going to work through The Wardrobe Architect and make myself the Super Ultimate Uniform which I will use and love forever. Probably. I am in love with so many knitting projects, among them: Svalbard by Bristol Ivy Windswept by TinCan Knits Effervescence Cardi by Olga Jazzy (I have actually started this, and have crazy plans to actually finish it!) Making a blanket by knitting a vintage doily pattern with chunky/bulky yarn and big ol needles. Happy knitting, R.   * I will have, very soon, some new patterns coming out!!


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