EastLondonKnit Doily Project Cardi 1 side

The Doily Project Part 1.



I have a thing for old stuff.  And hand-made stuff.  And especially old hand-made stuff.

A few years ago I was rummaging around a car boot sale and found a bag of doilies.

If you are reading this, I suspect you know the secret joy of which I speak.  And probably also the mild guilt; you have too much stuff, too many projects to buy this bit ‘o’ frippery.  But I ignored that second (perhaps more reasonable) sentiment.  I bought the lot.

As someone who makes things with my hands, I really appreciate the effort that someone put into making these lovely little things.  To molder away in a damp car park, unloved!  No!  It couldn’t be.  So began The Doily Project.

So now all purchases of fripperies are not only justified, but down right necessary.

Well, that’s not the only reason of course.  I wanted to find some use for the little lovelies. So I knit up some garments to rehome the doilies of yesteryear.

This was my first attempt:

EastLondonKnit Doily Project Cardi 1 full view

And I loved it!  I wear it still.  It has it’s flaws, but in the end, I am pleased with the outcome and the fact that those doilies are being used!

EastLondonKnit Doily Project Cardi 1 det

Til next time,

Happy knitting!




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